For the update of their existing cubes: We did the move for the customer and while the product was down, we put new fabric on the panels and cleaned the painted parts.  We found a nice AS IS solution for the worksurfaces. 

For the additional cubes: We used our Avenir stock and painted the trim and storage to match the existing cubes.  We used the same fabric and tops for the these and the original cubes.

For the private offices:  We found very nice used OFS u-group desks

For the conference room:  We made a new conference table with plug and play capabilities.  We provided new chairs for the space.  We also made a custom “sofa Table”, and frame for the white board paint on the wall.


Customer was moving buildings and wanted to update their existing call center cubes while at the same time adding to the total amount of cubes with matching product.  They were also looking for a budget friendly option for their private office desks, and a custom look to the conference room.


The customer got the look they wanted for their call stations.  The desks were a good fit for their offices and looked great.  The conference room turned out a great space that was functional and still had the customization the client was looking for!