We designed a new efficient floor plan and used remanufactured Steelcase Avenir cubicles to replace the existing furniture. The furniture they did want to keep in use was broke down and reinstalled by our installers to be utilized in other areas of the building. The remainder of the unused furniture was placed in the building storage. To reduce business disruption, we were able to set up temp work stations for employees until the project was completed.  


Our clients needed to update their ground floor office space with a fresh new look and more effect efficient layout while using some of their existing furniture in other areas. Disruption to daily business operations and displacement of employee was of high concern  

Recycle & Reuse 


The new design provides a much more efficient, spacious and open space. We were able to repurpose existing furniture in other areas for additional work-space. The project was completed quickly resulting in minimal disruption to daily operations. Our clients was very pleased with the end result and has now decided to add additional storage.