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We have a full remanufacturing facility.  Whether it our product or yours we can bring used product back to like new condition with countless finish options to match existing or make a whole new look.  Remanufactured product carries a 10 year warranty and we ship anywhere in the country.  Our office furniture remanufacturing facility is comprised of 4 departments.


In-House we apply paint in a paint booth using the latest technology in HVLP paint equipment.  We have found across the board this is the best process for professional results painting metal, plastic and wood components.

  • All items to be painted are thoroughly prepped for maximum paint adhesion.  This is really in our experience the most important step to a good finished product.
  • We can body work dimples and dings in drawer front and other exposed areas to make sure finish looks smooth
  • We use the same paint manufacturer that makes paint for some of the largest new office furniture manufacturers.  “It’s the good stuff”
  • Each item is quality inspected prior to packaging for shipment.  If it not right we send it back to be done again
  • Everything is packages so that it arrives to your facility without damages.


Our upholstery department is experienced in stretching fabric over all types of office partitions, tack boards and many kinds of office seating. 

  • Old fabric is removed and sub surfaces is replaced or repaired
  • New fabric is applied per original manufacturer specification
  • We have access to fabrics from all the major manufacturers
  • Tack boards made from balanced tackboard material that is also supplies to some of the large New furniture manufacturers.

Wood Shop

  • Worksurfaces are made of contract grade coreboard that is a minimum of 1 1/8” thick
  • We only use High Pressure Laminate (not paper products used by budget manufacturers)  This prevents scaring, bubbles, and premature wear to the top surface
  • We use backer on our boards so it is sealed from moisture on all sides. This is especially helpful in laboratory settings and  provides strength to screws that hold on components and brackets
  • Radius and double radius applications available\
  • Gromets or scallops as options
  • Laminates from Wilson Art, Formica, Nevamar, Pionite
  • Matches to proprietary laminates are available

Product Modification

With the trend for cubicle heights to become shorter we have worked with several large companies to systematically cut down their existing tall workstations and make them shorter.  Not only does this save money but it’s a great story to tell of reuse and sustainability.

Remanufactured Cubicles