We successfully accomplished our clients most important needs on this project by using re-manufactured Steelcase Avenir which resulted in completion of the project way under budget without sacrificing quality and looks.Reconfiguration of the floorplan allowed comfortable expansion of workstations within the same amount of space.
We helped reduce our carbon footprint by using re-manufactured furniture making this a successful greener solution.


Our design/project management staff provided efficient floor plan designs to accommodate the increase of staff and additional workspaces for future growth. Instead of using “brand-new” furniture we supplied Re-manufactured Steelcase Avenir cubicles for the new furniture.

Pegasus Transport 


We were contacted by CRST Pegasus Transport because they increased their number of employees and needed to fit them comfortably and efficiently in their existing building. In addition to a need to utilize space they desired a fresh new look that was budget friendly and environmentally friendly.